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With 4 years experience teaching French, German and English I am a dedicated language teacher driven by a strong desire to share my passion for languages and also my language learning techniques.

Over the course of my career I have had the opportunity to teach students from different cultural backgrounds. Not only did I develop my teaching skills but also my linguistic abilities in French, German and Japanese and can provide additional explanations in those languages should my student require it.

If you are interested in learning with me please don´t hesitate to click on the "Book a class" tab and I will help you to learn a new language!

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Why learn a new language with Turner Languages

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  • Personalized teaching to meet your requirements.

  • Language classes from A1 to B2 in French and German and from A1 to C2 in English

  • Notes written alongside the lesson in Google Docs so that you can practise at home

  • A variety of exercises and additional materials to keep you interested 

  • Focus on speaking to make sure you´re prepared for real-life situations!

  • Learn in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere

  • In class I use a variety of techniques and SRM (spaced-repetition methods) to make sure you understand the new concepts and learn vocabulary fast.

  • Additional explanations in English, French, German or Japanese to aid your learning 

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At Turner Languages I can give you not just language classes but thanks to my own extensive language learning and acquisition I can also coach you on the best ways to improve your own learning and understanding.

So, if you´re interested in learning a new language today send me a message and I can help you on your journey! 

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