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Teaching and Philosophy

My experience teaching has allowed me to teach a wide variety of students. In order to cater to my students needs I have to take into account various factors, so that I make sure everyone making progress.

I have developed my own personal techniques for my classes, which I have stengthened through my studies and interactions with other teachers. It is my belief that students make progress when they are tackling the material in an engaging way. I also believe that classes should have variety, in order to train the four aspects of learning a new language: listening, reading, writing and speaking.


In addition to this, I also draw on my own experience and scientific papers in education, which state that a learner also needs to used spaced repetition. Using this, a student can reinforce ideas over a long period of time by repeating them at regular intervals. This technique has helped me in my own learning, and I have seen the benefits in my own classes, as we progressed through the courses. 

My style of teaching has allowed my students to successfully start building their own sentences with confidence, and provide them with a strong basis, with which to continue their language journey. 

Below is an extract from my book for learners of French, which demonstrates my regular repetition style. Here are the first 5 lessons, and there are 20 in total If you are interested in purchasing the book, it's available on amazon.

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